Monday, June 4, 2012

Back At It

Weekly weigh-ins? Kinda gross. It's not so much that I'm concerned with the actual number on the scale (because I know, I know, I KNOW that muscle mass is heavy, and I want more muscle mass), but I know that the reality of having to get on a scale at a set time is something that motivates me during the week. It's more the fear of seeing an increase, than an overwhelming desire to see a decrease. Does that make sense? I know when I pig out and eat garbage and lots of salt, my weight goes up quickly. But when I eat well, my weight goes down a little, or at least stays at a happy place. My scale is just a battery-operated conscience.

Monday, June 4th - 125.6lbs

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs (whisked with coconut milk) and kale cooked in ghee, with two cups of half-decaf with coconut milk and a tiny bit of honey.
Lunch: Ugh. Leftovers. And not the good kind. Let's just say it involved a small piece of the kids' homemade (gluten-free) pepperoni pizza from Saturday.
Snack: DCQT. (Dark Chocolate Quiet Time. That means I sit and savour a square of dark chocolate for a ridiculously long time while the three kids nap. This often happens on days when I'm extra tired.)
Supper: Hot Italian sausages fried in coconut oil, with a side of oven-roasted cauliflower with olive oil. We were supposed to have guacamole with supper, but I've been having the worst luck with avocados lately! I cut into four today, and all of them were still too hard to mash, but they were already bad inside! Argh.

It was a weird day. My house is a disaster, and I have to give a talk tomorrow night that isn't written yet. But still, instead of working on those things, I sat down at my sewing machine. Last week I made a skirt while avoiding talk-writing, this week I took in a black strapless dress I wore like CRAZY last summer. Just one of those Old Navy jersey numbers. Nothing fancy, but it was such a great little just-throw-it-on-and-go, dress-it-up-or-down, easy-peasy dress. I loved that the elasticized strapless-ness of it made it a breeze for nursing Baby Belle. (Under a nursing cover, of course. I'm not really a whip-it-out kind of breastfeeder.) In addition to the dress getting taken in, I finally got around to altering a plaid skirt I bought about six weeks ago at the thrift store. The pattern is adorable, and it fit perfectly in the waist. But it was about three inches past my knees, and a frumpy kind of stiff A-line. I took it in and hemmed it up, and now I have a plaid pencil skirt. Go me! And now I really must get at that talk, or the girls are going to be mighty P.O.ed tomorrow night!


  1. a battery-operated conscience! i love that term. i love how disciplined you are...even when you are trying to avoid doing something unpleasant, you sew. i would be sitting watching law & order reruns or something innocuous like that! best of luck with your speech!

  2. sewing is really therapeutic and it keeps my mind focused, so you did the right thing! Between exercising and sewing I rather sew..Looks like you have got a lot done! I have a whole pile of clothing on the desk I hope I can be as productive as you this holiday! It's not easy to be disciplined when it comes to food so you are doing so well. I noticed you use a lot of coconut products.


    1. I find it theraputic, too. Really, anything creative helps me to de-stress. I usually spend a lot of time baking for my family, but I find that I often end up EATING too much of it! At least with sewing, I'm not setting myself back in my goals. :)


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