Monday, September 3, 2012

It Ended Early

Well, I didn't quite make it to 40 days, even though I had decided I would tough it out. I made it until supper time on the 39th day, when the wedding reception got the better of me.

I had done my best to stay compliant while visiting family - I ate some ham, but only a little, so I can't even fathom how small an amount of sugar would have made it into my body, and at one point I used butter to sautee my kale, because I hadn't made it out to the store to pick up ghee/coconut oil. When the reception rolled around, my plan was to skip the grains and just enjoy some meat and veggies, without stressing about small amounts of sugar in the salad dressing or "bad" oils in the cooking of the meat.

When I walked up to the table to get my food, my options were: roasted pork loin, tossed salad with Kraft dressings, potato salad, quinoa salad and white dinner rolls with margarine. I figured it mightn't fill me up too well, but I'd just go for the salad and pork.

Just then the woman who was in charge of the food came out and said, "Which one of you is gluten-free?", so I identified myself. She then informed me there was a separate bowl of potato salad made just for me - how could I not take some? Shoot. Oh well, white potatoes and a little Hellman's - not the end of the world. I took a little and headed back to my seat.

The next thing I noticed was the lack of beverage options. I hadn't brought money, since I wasn't intending to make use of the cash bar, but it turned out that was my only option for getting water. The only things provided were red or white wine, tea and coffee. I guess I had a "WTF" moment, and had half a glass of white wine.

After dinner ended, I went out to the deck to try to make a call. I hadn't even looked at the dessert buffet, and had no intention of eating any. But when the mother of the bride came out to find me while carrying a plate of gluten-free desserts for me, I had a slice of chocolate cake. I didn't feel that it would be charitable to say no at that point.

So that was the rather unceremonious end to my Whole40 Whole38.67. I can tell you this much, though: about 15 minutes after I ate that dessert I started to feel gross. A headache began to creep up from the base of my neck, and I felt rather nauseated. I'm certain it was far to much sugar after going that long without it!

I think now it's going to be a challenge to continue to maintain the kind of eating that makes my body feel good. There are so many temptations, and my tendency to eat emotionally will be in full-effect tomorrow: my firstborn will be starting school!


  1. If I went to a party and someone had food specially made for me, I would have eaten it too. I would not have been able to think of a gracious way out of it.

    I think 38.67 days is pretty darn good.

  2. I agree with what Beth said. I would have eaten...

  3. how was that first day? i am an emotional eater, too. i figure it's ok...i aim for moderation, but sometimes i skip that formality! i just make sure i exercise...that's what i do so that i can eat a ton of food! good for you, though. most people wouln't have even made it past day 3!


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