Monday, June 18, 2012

Maybe Next Time!

I was all set to actually participate in Inspiration Monday over at two birds this week, and then I made a huge boo-boo - I didn't actually get a decent picture of what I wore! Go figure! (Which especially sucks because it's so rare for my husband and me to get a chance to get all dressed up.)

I didn't actually attempt to recreate the outfit they chose for the week, but rather I used the colour scheme as the inspiration for what I wore to a dear friend's wedding on Saturday. I'm a sucker for the black/white/red combination.

You can see a little in this photo that I wore a black dress with teeny white polka dots (and pockets!!) and a giant red belt. What you can't see is the remarkably comfortable-yet-adorable red pumps, and what I'd ditched at this point was my vintage black clutch and my straw cloche. (Hat like this one, but with a plain black band.) I also wore the pearls my mother-in-law gave me at my wedding, and a new-to-me pair of onyx earrings. (And don't forget my very on-trend leopard-print hair colour!) Other than my hat (and those sunglasses - necessary at an outdoor reception) everything was either a gift (earrings and pearls) or thrifted (everything else). I've really caught the thrift-store bug!

(And this is why, no matter how big my closet gets or how awesome my outfits become, I could never be a fashion blogger - it's so foreign a concept to take pictures of myself! Oh well. Good thing there are so many other great blogs out there - I'll just live vicariously.)

The groom at the wedding we attended is an old and dear friend, near to both our hearts. But we hadn't actually seen him in several years, and as a result we met the bride for the first time in the receiving line. I knew *right away* what kind of woman she is when she excused herself and left the receiving line for a moment to greet and hug two street people who had come to wish her well on her wedding day. Apparently she has a real heart for people who are homeless, poor, suffering with mental/emotional illness, or in any way looked-down-upon by society. I'm so happy for my friend that he found a woman who is so full of love that she can lavish it on everyone she meets! I wish them both a long and happy life together, filled with joy and babies! :)


  1. i got the chills a little reading about your friend's wife, she sounds like a lovely woman! and i love your big red belted dress! i'm not sure anyone feels comfortable constantly taking pictures of themselves, but after a while, you get used to it! i say you should stick with it! =)

  2. i had to respond to your comment from today. i laughed when you mentioned max & ruby. i am so glad my kids have grown up from watching that. it starts with that horrible theme song, and ends with a show that makes me cringe every time. thanks for the laugh this morning!


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