Friday, September 21, 2012

End of Day Five


Just, WOW.

Only five days in (and 16 to go) and I can't believe what I've already learned about my eating habits!* So many times I've wandered into the kitchen thinking, "I'm hungry. I need a snack." I go to grab a banana or an apple, and suddenly my hand freezes when I remember the detox. I look around the kitchen some more, stare at the leftovers or the three big bags of nuts in my fridge, then close the door and walk away bummed.

All I really wanted was an apple! When I want an apple, a handful of pecans just won't cut it.

But here's the thing: the "hunger" goes away. It doesn't get stronger, or even hang around. It's just... gone. Which makes me realize it wasn't really hunger in the first place. Chances are it was either thirst or just plain old habit.

The result of that scenario playing out repeatedly is that I've hardly been snacking. Actually, I've had three snacks in five days (all nuts). That's remarkable for me. I eat a substantial breakfast (usually 2 or 3 eggs with kale, some ground pork and decaf with coconut milk) and then I'm not hungry until lunch time, usually between 12:30 and 1pm. I've been typically eating leftovers for lunch (and averaging half an avocado at lunch each day) then I'm just starting to feel hunger when it's time for supper between 5:30 and 6pm.

And so far, I'm down 2.5lbs, and I suspect that's primarily from my mid-section as my jeans feel different already.

I am feeling so stretched right now. The cravings for sugar are still frequent and intense - hard to fight off, for sure. I am sure the next 16 days will continue to challenge me in different ways, but I'm hopeful that these new insights will stick with me on Day 22 and beyond, and maybe I won't be such a slave to my sugar demons anymore.

(I definitely learned a lot during both my Whole30 experiences, but never once felt as "deprived" as I do now. I'm surprised by how much I was really relying on fresh fruit, dates and sweet potatoes to fill the junk food void!)


  1. wow, you have the best will power around. most people would think an apple is a healthy alternative (which it is in most cases), so i commend you for your will. and yay for the 2.5 pounds, that is impressive!

  2. Jaclyn,

    I think you are inspiring me to do a detox. I *know* sweets are my demon lover, I just need the courage to do it. I love your realization that it wasn't hunger in the first place - I think hunger - real hunger - for most of us in Canada is an abstract concept. This sounds like a great way to really learn that.

  3. OMG Day 5 has been the HARDEST!!!! I am soooooooooooooo irritable, headachey, snapping at everyone..... I am losing it! I have been eating all day anything without sugar just to keep me from caving. This is so hard..... Mike just told me to 'go eat a cupcake already'.... that is how bad it is getting...............................................................................................................................

    1. Hang in there! Typically people seem to hit their low point between day 3 and day 7. Hopefully this is the end of it for you! Praying it gets easier!

  4. You have a lot of willpower- this is brilliant that you are realising so much about yourself!

  5. Keep up the good work! So often when I think I need a snack, all I really need is water. I really need to remember that because so many of my clothes don't fit right now!

  6. Did you finish the detox? I enjoyed reading about it!

  7. Jac, where have you gone????????????x


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