Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 3 of 40 - No Caffeine!

Head. Ache.

That's the result of combining my first caffeine-free day with a three-year-old who's just in the mood to argue with everything I say, and disobey everything he's asked to do. Music Man really knows how to push my buttons! I keep hoping this is just a phase and it will pass soon. I'm exhausted and running out of patience.

Other than a leisurely stroll around the mall with the kids this morning, I took the day off from exercising. I'm still sore from the last two days, so I decided to give my body a break.

Breakfast: Three scrambled eggs with sauteed kale. Two cups of straight decaf with coconut milk. A handful of cherries.
Lunch: Two red leaf lettuce wraps filled with spicy guacamole, sliced chicken breast and cherry tomatoes, with a side of roasted broccoli. It didn't really look like a lot of food on my plate, but it was delicious and filling!
Supper: A burger bowl with grilled zucchini, red pepper, green pepper, yellow pepper and red onion. Burger bowl? Well, I don't really enjoy eating burgers in lettuce wraps, and sometimes I want something easier than trying to eat it politely with a knife and fork without my toppings sliding all over the plate. So instead, I chop the burger patty, chuck it in a bowl with whatever toppings I'm in the mood for - which tonight was sliced tomato (freshly picked from our community's "Giving Garden"), onion sauteed in ghee, and more spicy guacamole.
Snacks: More of the homemade larabar mixture. I make it for the kids, honest. But then I end up eating it, too. Why? Because raisins and prunes and coconut and cinnamon and almonds all mixed up together is like CANDY. Which means I need to stop eating it.

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