Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 6 of 40 - Ugh.

It was most definitely a textbook day 6 for me today. Dragged my sorry carcass around this morning, slept two hours this afternoon, then made a lazy supper. Glad Zumba is cancelled for tonight!

Instead of working out this evening, my body is begging for a long, hot bath with a good book and some relaxing music. My amazing sister-in-law brought me a bag of sleep-inducing bath salts, and today seems like the perfect day to take them for a test-drive. And then be in bed by 8:30pm.

Breakfast: What else? Kale and eggs and coffee (decaf) with coconut milk.
Lunch: Two chicken thighs, a drumstick and about a cup of cherries. What? I was really hungry and in a rush. Don't judge.
Supper: Breakfast! Two fried eggs, four pieces of bacon, sliced cucumber and sweet potato slices - fried in coconut oil with cayenne pepper and sea salt. YUM. Hard to resist having another cup of decaf with that kind of dinner.
Snacks: Three strawberries and a medium-sized snack ball.


  1. How was that bath? Sometimes the best exercise is relaxation and sleep, or that's what I tell myself. Re. the kale, do you just sauté it?

  2. Oh, the bath will be repeated today. Definitely glorious. For breakfasts we always rip our kale pretty small and just sautee it in ghee. (I don't enjoy it nearly as much in my eggs when it's been sauteed in coconut oil for some reason.)


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