Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 14 of 40 - Costco Conquest

We bought a Costco membership today and took our first spin around the store. I have a friend who calls it the "One, Two, Three Hundred Dollar Store". I'm proud to say we spent under $34 and left with only things we actually need.

Just a short post tonight, because I just read Mark Sisson's latest article and it's like he was talking right to me. So I'm going to shut down the electronics, curl up with a good book for a little bit, and hit the hay early.

Breakfast: The last of the kale AND the last of the homemade sausage meat with two scrambled eggs and two cups of decaf with coconut milk.
Lunch: Two small chicken legs with a quick dip - half an avocado with a tablespoon of mayo, a splash of lemon juice, some garlic powder, cayenne, paprika and sea salt. A slice of zucchini bread - I made chocolate zucchini muffins (with a few mini M&M's sprinkled on top) for Francis and the kids, because Princess reeeeally wanted to throw a party for her daddy. The kids kept asking why I wasn't having a muffin, so I had my own "treat" instead.
Supper: Taco salad - a large bowl of mixed greens topped with tomato, taco meat, salsa and a quarter of an avocado.
Snacks: A bite of a cashew Larabar - one of the sample tables at Costco. (It was hard to pass up the peanut butter one, but will power won out! And sadly, as much as I love cashews, that bar was NOT enjoyable.) About 2 cups of cantaloupe over the course of the day.


  1. Way to go Jac! I never make it out of Costco without spending at least $100. But I love my membership. Especially in the winter when good fresh quality produce can be hard to find, the Costco here has great stuff.

    Your taco salad sounds delicious! I think that may be on the menu at my house this week! Yum!

    1. Ooh, I hope ours is just as good for mid-winter produce!

  2. As long as you only get what you need, Costco is a great store. I go once a week and spend around $30.

    1. That's what we're hoping to do. I know stuff like TP is a great price there, so we'll stock up periodically, but otherwise we're hoping to just treat it like one more grocery store.


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