Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 33 of 40 - Fail. Or Not?

Short version, busy tonight.

We had brunch today with a family we've known for many years, since before Francis and I even started dating. He is a deacon at our old church, and she is the church secretary. Wonderful people. They invited us to come and eat with them, their middle son, his wife and their toddler. I didn't have the heart to say, "Sure, we'll come, but I just can't eat anything you make, so I'll bring all my own food. 'Kay?" This woman is known for her hospitality, and I just couldn't bring myself to snub her food like that.

Long story short, I brought some muffins that I knew Baby Belle would be able to eat, so I had one of those and did the best I could with everything else - which included white potatoes, and a mayo-based salad dressing.

The bad news: My tummy isn't happy. The good news: I'm not feeling "guilty" or like I "cheated". I feel like I navigated the situation rather well, and it in no way made me want to go off the rails. I'm calling it a success.

Breakfast: One and a half banana muffins.
Lunch: One muffin, one (approved) Italian sausage (the same brand we always buy), a small scoop of roasted potatoes, and a serving of Seven Layer Salad. I just tried to scoop from the bottom of the bowl - the parts everyone else missed - so I got mostly spinach, celery, water chestnuts and a little bit of bacon. There was some dressing on it, but I'm pretty sure I bypassed the cheese. Two cups of coffee with coconut milk.
Supper: A chicken leg, sliced cucumber and cherry tomatoes.
Snacks: Another one and a half muffins, a banana with a handful of walnuts. A cup of licorice tea.


  1. People before food, right? I would have made the same choice as you, and definitely not called it a fail.

  2. Glad you enjoyed yourself and were able to "meet in the middle". They're sweet people, no? Love that family to bits! :o)


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