Monday, January 21, 2013

A Weird Weekend

I already told you I'd planned to cheat a little on Friday night. And I did. And it was worth it. This was a get-together that was originally scheduled for July, but our unexpected trip for my grandmother's funeral meant postponing it. Friday was our first opportunity to get the four couples together to relax, and it was long overdue!

I had three small glasses of white wine, some baked brie with rice crackers, and a couple of little treats I'd made to share. I made Double Chocolate Brownie Date Truffles (dates, coconut, walnuts, cocoa and some Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips) and mini chocolate coconut tarts (crust - unsweetened coconut and egg whites, filling - Enjoy Life chocolate chips and coconut milk). I had two of each of those, and two small chocolates another friend made, which had coconut oil, honey, cocoa and almonds. I also had some raw vegetables, but that's not noteworthy. :)

Saturday was definitely strange. I need to go for some blood work to check my adrenal function and electrolytes. I was told to fast for 12 hours before having my blood drawn, which kind of sucked because I couldn't get to the lab until 3pm! I took a snack to bed with me on Friday night, and around 3am I had about 1/3 of a coconut cream Larabar. I couldn't eat any more than that though - because I found it too sweet! Very strange. So I fasted most of the day on Saturday, and I was surprised by the lack of physical hunger. I wanted to eat, but I didn't feel a desperate need to eat. My stomach growled once around lunch time, but not again after that.

The frustrating part, however, was putting in my fasting time and then arriving at the clinic to discover it apparently closed some time before 3pm! I had the rest of the Larabar as we drove over to the mall to spend some time before supper, and the funniest thing happened. About 20 minutes after eating it, I got very light-headed and had a few dizzy spells. I think I've sensitized myself enough to blood sugar spikes that I can't handle that much sweetness without an appropriate amount of protein. The same thing had happened on Friday when I ended up eating a Larabar for lunch, but I didn't connect the weird symptoms with the snack at the time. Not until it happened the second time on Saturday and it was unmistakable.

After our time at the mall, we went to our favourite sports bar for supper. Normally my order of choice is to split a giant mountain of nachos with Francis, but I knew that not only was it a bad choice in terms of the detox, but that eating that much corn wouldn't be a good idea for my joints. So instead I ordered a bunless burger. The burger was fantastic. House-made patty with sauteed yellow onions and green peppers, Monterey Jack cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce lettuce, tomato and red onion. Still not 100% compliant because of the cheese (and presumably sugar in the sauce) and the fries on the side (of which I could only manage to eat about 1/3), but it was so incredibly delicious after a day of fasting! And I was surprised by how satisfied I was with just the burger. I didn't need the fries at all, but picked at them because they were there and they looked good. As soon as I realized what I was doing, I scraped the rest of them off onto Francis' plate so they wouldn't tempt me anymore.

Which brings us to Sunday. Mostly back on track and feeling great about it!
Breakfast - Two eggs scrambled with sauteed onions, cherry tomatoes, three slices of bacon and two cups of (mostly decaf) coffee.
Lunch - A can of light tuna with mustard and mayo, two slices of deli roast beef and a pile of baby carrots.
Supper - Time to satisfy a craving - I just really wanted a sandwich! I made a grain free bun and loaded it with an Italian sausage, a quarter of an avocado, caramelized onions, tomatoes and a little bit of homemade honey mustard. (Yeah, I know. Honey.) With my sandwich I had a heap of roasted broccoli and some steamed sugar snap peas tossed in ghee and sea salt.
Snacks - I cheated and ate half of one of the doughnuts I'd made for the kids. It was enjoyable - but I didn't need any more than that half.

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