Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lucky (Day) 13

Nearly two weeks down. I'm torturing myself by looking at lots of Paleo goodies online, mentally making a list of which things I can't wait to try when this is done. Although the current plan is to end on the 25th as scheduled, enjoy a (grain-free, sugar-free) cupcake and a (grain-free, sugar-free) waffle topped with fruit at Princess' party on the 26th, then get back on the bandwagon on the 27th. This is tough, no doubt about it. But from all the reading I've done, it's highly beneficial for my adrenals. And, if my adrenals really are tanked out, that can mess with my progesterone. And that's something that needs to be remedied ASAP. Sadly some of the foods that people with AF really need to avoid are some of my favourites - bananas, dates, melons, raisins - and anything else that'll spike my blood sugar. I simply have to continue on this low-glycemic path for the time being. (I'm not saying I'll never indulge. I'm just saying I can learn to hold out for special occasions - like my upcoming birthday!! - and decide for once and for all that "crappy day", "no sleep" or "Tuesday" don't count as special.)

Breakfast - Two eggs scrambled with onions and diced hot Italian sausage with cherry tomatoes. Coffee.
Lunch - A "big ass salad" with all the usual fixings and another hot sausage with mustard.
Supper - Two beef sliders with chipotle mayo and caramelized onions. (That had been on the schedule for yesterday but got bumped in favour of the Brazilian Curry Chicken. Why? The BCC is cooked in a crock pot. Less work at the end of the day!) Caved and had a handful of the kids' potato wedges. It's only as I sit here in bed at 8:43pm that I'm aware I didn't eat any vegetables at supper. I'll let you figure out what kind of afternoon I had.
Snacks - A banana. (Yes, I said I'm not supposed to eat bananas. The legal green-tipped ones aren't as bad, but I got my fabulous husband to pick up a bag of green apples for me so I can make the switch to my other legal fruit.) Some macadamia nuts.

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