Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 6

I expect my posts will be short and sweet for the next little while, as we have a very busy few weeks coming up. Company coming for supper tomorrow, a belated Christmas with Francis' side of the family on Saturday, and then I'll be in full-on panic mode to get ready for Princess' birthday party near the end of the month.

She has invited 14 or 15 girls (so far 3 are coming for sure), and wants a girly, My Little Pony, pink, purple, sparkly party. I'm tired just thinking about it! I just finished drawing a giant pony on bristol board for a game of pin the horn on the unicorn, and now it just needs some colour added and some horns made up. I'm generally not a big fan of standard birthday party loot bags, so I've decided instead that the bags and their contents will be primarily homemade. Pony-printed draw-string bags will be filled with things they use/make/win at the party. The plan is to decorate cookies, so the girls will each need an apron (those are already cut out, ready to be stitched)- those will then go in their bags, along with their cookies. Oh, and Princess wants everyone to be "fancy", so a decorated hair band will be given at the door, and added to the bag before they head home. (Thankfully I can reuse a lot of the decorations from her fourth birthday party!)

All that sewing/crafting, not to mention the food planning and preparation will keep me plenty busy! But, truthfully, I'm excited about it. I love having a project to work on, and since the sewing is really just three things mass-produced, it's just a lot of busy work and not too much thinking for my over-tired brain.

Breakfast - Eggs (two whole eggs plus two whites left from last night's salad dressing) scrambled with sauteed onion, cherry tomatoes, and two slices of bacon crumbled on top. Licorice tea.
Lunch - A handful of macadamia nuts and a bowl of sliced cucumber and cherry tomatoes. (This was just the result of poor planning + zero motivation.) A cup of tea - with a cheat! Almost a tablespoon of milk. Just needed a little caffeine after a TERRIBLE night, and I didn't want to risk re-addicting myself to coffee.
Supper -  A leftover chicken thigh with about 2 Tbsp of guacamole and some sauteed baby bok choy.
Snacks - Mid-afternoon my non-lunch caught up with me and I had a can of tuna mixed with a little mustard and a little mayo. Post-supper I made a new banana bread recipe, and I'm just munching on my second slice as I type. (Two modifications to the recipe - I used green-tipped bananas as per the regulations, and I subbed coconut oil for the butter.)

Exercise - Jillian Michaels' Yoga Meltdown. First time with this one - tougher than I'd expected! Can't believe how weak I am after not working out for so long. I've got my work cut out for me.


  1. How cute!!! My daughter had a princess party when she was 4. It was a great time! And decorated head bands are an awesome idea!


  2. Holy smokes, you guys do up birthdays in STYLE! :) What a fun way to celebrate 5! (But are you seriously making an apron for every single child?)

    I am on Day 3 of the Shred, after taking a coughcoughcough about 8 month vacation from any real workout. I am in so much pain from LEVEL ONE!

    1. Seriously. They're already cut out. :) I got ADORABLE flannel cupcake print fabric for cheap. It was buy one get 3 free, and it's extra wide. I used the apron you made for Music Man a couple of years ago as the template, but they're just single-layered. A quick hem at the top and around the bottom, then I'll use bias tape for the ties, curve and neck loop. BAM! :)

      I'm going to start the Shred this weekend (at level one!!), as soon as I can fit another workout in. I realized doing the yoga that I need to go back to 5 lb weights - my body isn't ready for 130ish pounds of body weight!

  3. Fun birthday party, wow! I'm sure Norah and her friends are going to have a blast :)

    Also, yay for taking good care of yourself! Keep it up, lady :)

  4. HOLY MOLY what a party...... Mine are nothing like that. I hate loot bags too.... always filled with sugary crap or just crap.... I tend to make a treat to send the kids home with.... at least then it is homemade sugary crap which is still miles better than candy :)

    That banana break looks amazing. I will be SWYPOing that for SURE. I laughed when I read "I believe this banana bread has the ability to change lives".... I would have to agree with that :)

    Question.... what kind of almond butter do you use *please dont say you make your own....* I have only tried one and really hated it... :(

    1. Oh I *totally* make my own almond butter.
      *rolls eyes*
      I buy the stuff at Costco - Maranatha? To be honest, I don't love almond butter at all (I only use it in a couple of recipes), but it's okay in this recipe. And since YOU can make it with really ripe bananas, it'll be awesome.


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