Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Five Days (and Two Pounds) Down

I weighed myself this morning, and after my first four days I've lost two pounds, and I can fit into an older pair of jeans again. This tells me that the two pounds were probably a significant amount of water retention and inflammation, and that I was bloated. (Ick.)

I know I shouldn't have bothered weighing myself, but a few hours later I was glad I did. You see, yesterday I made a small batch of flourless peanut butter cookies for the kids. (None for Francis. He's not doing the 21DSD, but he has given up all non-Paleo junk food for the 21 days.) Today, as I walked through the kitchen mid-morning, I saw those cookies sitting there and I literally began to salivate. I knew exactly what they tasted like, and I wanted one SO BADLY. For a few minutes, I sat and contemplated having one. Just one, then right back on track. I debated myself back and forth, until the wiser half of me pointed out that I'm doing this for good reasons, and the two pounds were proof that I was doing something my body liked. Eating that cookie (or, more likely, THOSE cookieS) would be a terrible idea. So I grabbed a handful of cherry tomatoes and walked past the cookies.


Breakfast - Banana Nut Porridge
Lunch - The rest of last night's coconut curry
Supper - Taco chicken thighs with guacamole dip, Caesar salad (with bacon!) using a slightly modified version of this dressing recipe, and some raw veggies. I'd intended to saute some baby bok choy but by the time 5:30 rolled around, my feet and ankles were too sore from standing in the kitchen for so long!
Snacks - The aforementioned cherry tomatoes, three pecans and five macadamia nuts.

Tonight the older two kids and I had a "sleep over". For them a sleep over means staying up a little later, watching a video while eating dessert, and having Mommy crash on their floor while they fall asleep. They're so cute!

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