Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Cheated!

I ate a bagel! And I don't feel too badly about it. Actually, I don't feel bad at all. Several people have pointed out to me in the past 48 hours that I haven't necessarily been taking care of myself the way I should be. Sure, I'm eating well and easing myself back into an exercise routine, which is great for my physical self. But I haven't been doing enough to take care of my emotional and spiritual self. And some of that has to do with the restrictions of this sugar detox. Without getting into too many of my crazy food issues, I realized a couple of years ago that I sometimes punish myself with food - and I think part of my motivation for forging ahead with the detox even after my miscarriage was my way of punishing myself with the withholding of food. So, when I made a new grain-free bagel recipe this morning, I decided to try one to see how they turned out. It was small, but it had a little bit of honey and apple sauce in it, so definitely not legal on the 21DSD.

I've also decided to give myself Friday night "off". Sure, there's something to be said for doing the program perfectly from start to finish, but there's also something to be said for doing what I need. And since Francis and I are going out with some friends on Friday night to celebrate a birthday, I'm going to have a glass of wine. Maybe even two. And maybe some dates! I have no intention of falling off the wagon completely or canceling the rest of my detox. And I don't necessarily think I need to stop once I hit Day 21. This way of eating is what's recommended for people with adrenal fatigue, so I know it's beneficial for me.

Breakfast - Two eggs scrambled with sauteed onions, some cherry tomatoes and three slices of bacon. Plus some coffee.
Lunch - A big salad (the usual) with three small slices of deli roast beef with mustard and half of the aforementioned bagel.
Supper - Brazilian Curry Chicken (I thew in some sugar snap peas for the last hour) topped with avocado and a side of roasted broccoli.
Snacks - The other half of the bagel.


  1. I love this post :) It makes my heart happy :) we're still praying for you, and I'm delighted to hear about steps towards great choices in all ways, including allowing yourself some indulgences and not feeling guilty.

    And seriously. I just want us all to be neighbours. I live on corner lot. So I now have day dreams of you and Jenna across each fence with laura across the street. We'd be the most awesome neighbourhood ever.

  2. ^^^ This post is kinda what I was refering to when I said to give yourself grace..... :)


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