Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blogs About Clothes

I've suddenly gotten really into clothes. I mean really into clothes. As in I shop clearance racks and thrift stores like it's a competitive sport. And I dress up at home for no reason. The kids always look at me funny and ask, "Where are we going, Mommy?" Um, nowhere. Sometimes, it's fun to wear heels, even if the only people who see me in them are under four feet tall.

I thought I'd share a few of the blogs that have been feeding my obsession.
How Not to Dress Like a Mom is one of my favourites so far. Not only is the author a Canadian AND named Jacqueline (just the more fancy-schmancy version of MY name), but she's sarcastic and hilarious. Just the way I like to think I am
My Thrifty Closet is one I've only just recently discovered, but I have skimmed through a lot of her archives. I love her easy style, and they way she combines clothes. Plus her accessories are never over-the-top like so many other fashion bloggers. Also, she's a SAHM, and so we're kind of the same. Except she lives on the other side of the world and she has a build my child-bearing hips and line-backer shoulders can only dream of.
La Vie Petite. She's stinking adorable. Honestly, I wish I could just steal her wardrobe. Except that she wears a 00P pants. Um, how about one pair for my left leg and one pair for my right? But I love that she's short, so it gives me a great idea of what kind of looks I can pull off at my height. (FYI she's 4' 10 & 3/4". I'm about 5' 2".)
Wearing it On My Sleeves is one of the first I started following. She's also how I discovered the whole world of Mormon fashion bloggers (who knew there was such a niche?!). She's eclectic and gorgeous and I aspire to have her courage with colours and styles.
Creamy kind of freaks me out. That woman can wear some crazy heels! I only wish I could get away with shoes like that - or that I'd even have places to wear shoes like that! Again, there's just something I enjoy about her style, even though most of her combinations would look awful on me. (She's a tall, skinny blonde. I'm a short, non-skinny bald woman.)

Since I've also recently gotten really interested in sewing, I'm totally intrigued by the possibilities of refashioning clothes. I'm starting small - taking some shirts in (rather than always replacing things as they get too big), making a few simple items from scratch, and starting my first real refashion. (My dad's XL shirt into something for me. I'll post photos when it's done, even if it's a giant craftfail.) I've found two different blogs written by women who have taken up the challenge of refashioning something new every day for a year.
Refashionista is the one who first really got me interested in clothing refashioning. Some of her transitions are really inventive, but they also seem pretty accessible, even for a novice like me.
New Dress A Day is also really enjoyable, and I love that she has reader submissions. The one thing that kills me about both of these blogs is that the stuff they're making-over is generally around $1 or less. If I had access to clothes for that cheap I'd feel a lot gutsier about hacking into things. I even went to Value Village once with the intention of buying ugly things to re-do - but I walked out of there with several already-awesome items. I just don't want to spend $6 and risk having it bomb!

So there you go! A few things that have piqued my interest and sparked my creativity. What about you? Do you think much about your style? Anyone whose look inspires you?


  1. Well, I cannot sew at all. I always think I want to learn but then I get tripped up trying to thread the machine! I love fashion and most of the year I wear dresses - this is a practical issue as well due to the heat. I agree about the mormons, those ladies have style! Check out (i think thats the url)... some very pretty stuff, not all for weddings, either.

  2. I love Check out her 'what I wore wednesday' series. Great style, modest, trendy... her home style is awesome too!

  3. i'm off to check these all out now! i love that you dress up for nothing. i think that's great! (not that your kids are nothing!) next week dress up for inspiration monday...we'd love you to join nerve necessary! it's a lovely group of people who participate!!


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