Monday, May 28, 2012

Changing it Up

I've decided to change the focus of this blog. Since ending my Whole30, not only has a lot changed for me, but it seemed funny to have such a narrowly-focused blog.

My eating and fitness have both been through some ups and downs since completing the Whole30, but my husband and I have recently made a commitment to a Primal diet, following Mark Sisson's approach of 80% strict eating, 20% "treats". (I really hate referring to off-plan foods as "cheat" meals. Can't we just stop moralizing food?) The problem is that I have a hard time with staying on this plan without some sort of accountability. We agreed that we'd both keep a food log (which the other person is allowed to check out) to help us stick to the 80% and enjoy the 20%. I figure I may as well keep that log here. I'll keep track of my fitness efforts here as well. Maybe this will help keep me on track!

I've also found that as a result of losing weight and hair, I'm completely changing the way I see myself physically, including the way I dress. I've been spending some time reading some really great "fashion" blogs, and doing a fair bit of thrift-store-shopping. I've been wearing things I never would have considered wearing before losing this weight. And, surprisingly, having very little hair has made me more adventurous as well. I figure people are already staring at me, so why not wear a giant pair of earrings or a bright purple dress? From time to time I'll post photos of outfits/accessories to get your opinions on them.

And, mostly, I hope to be able to record some reflections of my thoughts and feelings through all of this. I keep thinking about the fact that I'm the same age Jesus was when he died. Since turning 33, I feel like I've been going through a sort of re-birth in my identity as well. (Heck, on my birthday in February I still had all my hair!)

I'm not sure whether this will make this blog more or less interesting, but at this point I'm writing mostly for my own sake - to keep track of what is going on with me right now. If anyone keeps reading, that'll be a big ol' bonus.


  1. I'm following! I'd love to know about the fashion blogs, I could do with some shaking up myself.

    As for your way of eating, do you find you are tiring of the labels? Paleo/low-carb/primal... I am finding it exhausting on a couple of fronts: explaining what it means and what it looks like. So now I just say "real food" or "nutrient dense food." I had a friend express her frustration with changing the way she eats, not knowing how to read labels properly. We were in the car together and I almost had to pull over as I gently but firmly explained IMO, if one has labels on most of their food choices, they are likely not great choices...

    I love sharing this journey with you through FB, here, etc. You are an inspiration and I want to thank you for sharing your story.

    IGood luck with the food journaling, I kind of totally blow at that ;-)

  2. Oh, the labels! Good grief! I can't stand it. I even hate that some people say PAH-leo, and some people say PAY-leo. I'm actually very fortunate that we have good friends who went Paleo nearly a year ago, and several other families we hang out with are moving in that direction as well. And *all* our friends "get it", whether or not they eat that way at home. There are *always* primal/paleo (see? LABELS!) options at our get-togethers!

    I really appreciate being able to benefit from your wisdom, enthusiasm and recipes too, Nicole! I've mentioned you enough times to Francis that I no longer have to say "Nicole from BBC" or any other identification - you're just "Nicole". Seriously, you're kind of my guru. :)

    I'll do a post in the next day or two about some of my favourite fashion blogs. Many of them are Mormons. Weird, right? I like that they have strict modesty rules, so they always look put-together and fashionable without looking trashy.


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