Saturday, May 12, 2012

"It's Not So Bad"

I’m not sure what I can write that would do justice to what I experienced last night, but I need to get something down, to remember a little of what I felt.
To say that I felt supported and loved is an understatement. The outpouring of comments, emails and messages from friends on Facebook was touching, and the community of women who gathered around me last night showed me what real beauty is. One dear friend even offered to shave her head with me, just so I wouldn’t feel alone – just so she could carry this burden with me.
They brought flowers, and notes of prayer and encouragement. We ate, drank and made merry. And when the time came to shave my head, they gathered around and buoyed my spirits with their joy.

One last shot with Francis when he dropped me off

The first pass

Getting there. Feeling okay.

Cleaning up

The butterfly seems fitting

Seeing myself for the first time. The women had decorated my head with markers, and just over my ear says “GI Jaclyn” and “Sing”

I only cried for a minute, and then I said, “It’s not so bad.”

Now my headscarves can actually just be *scarves* again
For all your prayers and messages – I thank you. I held all your kindness in my heart throughout the evening, and it gave me strength. God’s grace was abundant in that kitchen and in my heart last night!


  1. I couldn't view your photos but my heart goes out to you during this time. You are a beautiful woman with or without hair and I am soo SOO happy that you have a circle of friends to surround you and lift you up during this trying time in your life. Many hugs.

  2. YOU ARE SO FREAKIN' BEAUTIFUL! And look what a lovely shaped head you have!!I am so proud of you :D

  3. I can't see the pictures but I've just read your entire whole 30 blog post by post and now it's your turn to have inspired me to take it to a whole new level!....I need your phone number and an idea of when I can call you....I talk way too much to type it all....I need help with recipes and planning ideas since I'm out of the home working full time I feel like searching the vast internet for ideas is so time consuming it's taking away from making the damn food..or just relaxing....I would love 5-15 min of your time a couple times a week by phone or Skype to enhance our connection beyond words on a screen and to absorb some new ideas about how to fit it all in.....sending you every positive vibe I've got...122lbs Reall? Sz2 REALLY!!!!! The overweight/obese since puberty part of me (and or vain and,or whatever if I do the work I can feel however happy I want about it part of me) I so understand your comment about vanity....anyway how tall are you? I want to dig way into what you've been eating and ask for your support as I begin training and eating for my first halfmarathon in September

  4. Jac, you are gorgeous :) that is all :)

  5. For some reasons i couldn't see the pictures...but i admire your courage to shave your head. It's heart warming to hear that you have wonderful family and friends to love and support you. I can see that you have a beautiful heart and a sweet spirit. Thanks for leaving such a well thought comment on my blog's nice to know you and to hear your journey on this whole30. Following you! God bless!


  6. You are a superstar, hair or no...


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