Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday, May 29th

Here's the scoop on yesterday:
Breakfast - Sauteed kale and scrambled eggs. Two cups of half-decaf with coconut milk and cinnamon.
Snack - Homemade granola bar (Yummy, butnot a good choice!)
Lunch - Coconut curry cabbage and three homemade Paleo chicken strips. Hadn't planned on eating chicken strips, but two out of three kids decided they weren't in the mood for chicken, so I ate their rejects.
Supper - Roast chicken, roasted broccoli and cauliflower, and a handful of potato wedges (the wedges were definitely not a good choice - they were most definitely an emotionally-driven choice).
Evening snack - Small bowl of strawberries, and two small cookies. (I made them much smaller than what the recipe called for. They would have been too big otherwise.)
Exercise - Early morning "run". I've restarted my learn-to-run program after taking too much time off. A friend has decided to join me three days a week, so I'll have accountability to keep me going.

Today I've had a huge to-do list, and a combination of procrastination-overload, and an uncooperative/napless baby. Tonight is the kick-off for the young women's ministry I'm starting in our parish, and my talk still. isn't. finished. I've just run out of steam! Yet I managed to find time to make myself a new skirt this morning, so at least I'll look cute while I'm unprepared. (This is why I keep my sewing area in the kids' playroom.)

Today's food:
Breakfast: Leftover coconut curry chicken & veggies, two cups of half-decaf with coconut milk and cinnamon.
Lunch - Same as yesterday.
Supper - "Spaghetti" (with spaghetti squash instead of pasta).
Snacks - Three of those cookies from yesterday. I'm glad they're out of the house now!

I'm going to experiment with intermittent fasting. The plan is to limit myself to a 10-hour "eating window". (In my opinion, it's the least drastic form of IF - lots of people do it and just call it "not eating after supper".) I know the evenings are prime time for mindless snacking, so if I make a point to "fast" between supper and breakfast, I can hopefully learn to break that habit of mindless munching. I expect I'll have to learn to beef up my breakfasts a little more, but that'll just be yummy.

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