Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 21 - Victory is Silent!

I really had intended to be out the door with my running shoes by 6:15 this morning. I had assumed today would be like every other day. How surprised was I when Princess (who was sleeping on a mattress on our floor) said, "Hey look, guys! It's six-three-zero!" She is an early riser by nature, often awake before 6:00am, but knows she's not allowed to leave her room or wake anyone else until she sees that all-important six. We were floored when we realized how late it was - and even more floored when my husband pointed out that he'd only gone in to Baby Belle once last night, around 9:45pm, and only to give her back her soother.

She slept for nine hours.


I can hardly believe it!

It only took 13 months (to the day), but she finally had a good night's sleep!

We snuggled with Princess in our bed for about fifteen minutes, at which point the other two woke up and we dragged ourselves out of that comfy cocoon to make some breakfast. Yes, my first run would have been nice. But after a very long 22 months of horrible sleep (I don't sleep when pregnant, either), I think the way my day started was just right.

(Here's hoping tonight is as good or even better!)

Breakfast - Two fried eggs with fried prosciutto and a wedge of cantaloupe. Felt like a feast!! One cup of decaf with coconut milk.

Lunch - A bowl of yesterday's sweet curried cauliflower soup, with four or five chopped-up turkey nuggets thrown in. Surprisingly yummy! The girls enjoyed the nuggets, but Music Man was feeling nostalgic for "real nuggets". Next time, hopefully I'll have ground chicken available (instead of just turkey).

Supper - Taco drumsticks (instead of wings) with guacamole dip, and a heaping side of baby bok choy. Highly recommend the chicken!

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