Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 3 - Too Good to be True

This feels too easy, folks. I've had a couple of fleeting thoughts about wanting junk food, but nothing serious. Certainly nothing I'd call a real craving. This afternoon I baked some cookies to take to a friend's house for supper, and man did they look good. I wanted one, for a moment, but I knew I wasn't going to give in. Instead, I went into the next room, closed my eyes, and imagined myself eating one of those cookies. I know exactly the texture - crisp against your teeth when you first bite in, but chewy and gooey in the middle. The chocolate chips were still melty and runny, and there was just enough saltiness to satisfy that sweet/salty combination. Boy, oh BOY, was that cookie good! And it was all just in my head. Strangely enough, by the time I finished my imaginary indulgence, the craving passed. I was satisfied.

Honestly, this is way too good to be true, which makes me afraid. Very afraid. I'm just waiting for the moment that every junk food craving I've ever had all comes racing back at once.

Breakfast - Two eggs, fried in clarified butter, served over two sweet potato latkes. (You MUST try those latkes!) Two cups of coffee with coconut milk.

Lunch - Roast chicken, four deviled eggs (four halves, that is) with homemade curry mayo, baby bok choy sauteed in olive oil with garlic.

Supper - Chicken Coconut Curry over a bed of cauliflower "rice". SO. GOOD.

Snacks - Guacamole (about 1/3 of an avocado worth) with cucumber slices (who needs chips?), two scoops of coconut butter, a banana and some cashews.

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