Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 23 - Egg Day

I'm a little sick of eggs today.

It's Lent, so we are really diligent about not eating any meat on Fridays. Since fish is pricey (and never really that fresh) around here, our go-to meals used to always revolve around legumes (generally lentils) or cheese (like veggie quesadillas or pizza).

So now, we're basically left with eggs. Which, after eating them three times in one day, start to get old. Honestly, the only excitement in my meals today was discovering three double-yoked eggs. Sad.

Breakfast - Scrambled eggs and kale. Decaf with coconut milk.

Lunch - Two hard-boiled eggs, a roma tomato and a chunk of cucumber, both sliced and drizzled with (approved) Italian salad dressing.

Supper - Fried eggs over sweet potato latkes.

Snacks - Two Larabar-bites (still haven't settled on a name for these things...), an apple (mmmm Honeycrisps!) with a handful of almonds and a sprinkling of shredded coconut.


  1. 1. Congratulations on the running! I started out run/walking, too. That is the best way to do it. One caution: I wouldn't do consecutive days to start, esp w/ foot problems. Always sacrifice volume when in doubt (and even when not - and you KNOW I learned this the hard way!).

    2. We go veg for both Advent and Lent and have learned to get creative with beans. Have you tried falafel? It's great with tahini/lemon sauce and tomatoes.Yum. Having said that, though, I have had to add back in fish, and I do eat canned tuna a few times a week. Yes, I love canned tuna, I am weird.

    3. Dare I ask how is the hair?

    1. 1. I'm glad I'm doing this "right", and not being a slacker by alternating days! My plan is strength train M, W and F, and go running on T, Th and S. (On Sundays I shall REST.)

      2. I haven't tried falafel, though I generally enjoy beans. But beans are out for Whole30. (Francis is totally missing hummus, and he's too freaked out to try baba ghanouj or cauliflower hummus.) I actually enjoy canned tuna, too, but I haven't gotten around to making any mayo recently (and I can't stand it dry!). Just picked up some avocado oil today to make up a batch of mayo for the week. Tuna is SO going back on the menu!

      3. Oy. The hair. Still coming out by the handful. I'm at the point now that I *have* to wear a hat or large hairband at all times, with the rest pulled back in a ponytail. So. Many. Bald spots. :(

    2. 1. Way to go. That sounds perfect!

      2. Well, you're almost done. You can always extend meatless fridays to regular time - we do! Then you can enjoy falafel! (This is one of my beefs with Paleo, actually -- they would have actually had plenty of legumes to eat and I honestly cannot see why legumes are "bad". Or quinoa. But, that's just me, and I think that if you have found something that you enjoy and is working for you, then go for it. I'm way impressed that you have made it so far. I'd have long wince broken, on like, day 1. Probably with a beer, or a cookie, or both. Uh oh!

      3. BOO! But didn't your doc say it was on a three-month cycle? How is the steroid cream working?

      I'm quite enjoying this new blog, and it's nice to see you blogging so frequently. Also, it fits perfectly into my Lenten sacrifice on Mommy blogs -- I can still read nutrition and fitness blogs!

    3. I think we'll aim to try to keep Fridays meatless. We used to be sooo good at it! We even gave up meat for Lent 2 years in a row. As for the legumes, Melissa and Dallas aren't "paleo" in the sense that they're hung up on what our Paleolithic grandfathers would have eaten, they say they base their recommendations on "health, not history" That said, Mark Sisson says that lentils are often reasonably well tolerated by most people, so I see no reason not to try including them in my diet.

      As for the hair, I was indeed told it's a three-month thing. So hopefully (every finger, toe and limb crossed!) my hair will stop coming out soon. But it will be a long and unattractive road to recovery. Even when the new growth comes in, it's going to be AGES before that hair length catches up. I'm going to have little spiky patches for months. There go my plans for a good-looking summer. :(

  2. I love this blog. I seem to fall off the wagon every weekend- not ahrd but I am still off. Reading this gets me back on track and helps me plan my meals for the following week :) And I want to keep commenting because I know I like feedback on my blog :) I like that Rebecca is off Mommy Blogs for lent- I should be!


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