Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 22 - And Day 1!

I did it! I went for my first "run" this morning! Yeah, I know - it wasn't really a run, but it's pretty much all I'm capable of at this point. I found a 10-week learn-to-run program, which assures me that if I stick with it, I'll be running 20 minutes without stopping by the end of the program. Today's assignment was to run for a minute, walk for two minutes, repeated seven times.

For the first few running minutes, I really tried to pace myself, unsure of whether I'd even be able to complete all seven. Yes, I know that for those of you runners reading this, you're probably in awe of my utter non-runningness. It's a combination of the issues in my feet (I have hammer toes, I'm flat-footed, I have a forefoot pronation AND plantar fasciitis), and having endured a lifetime of at least sporadic joint pain and carrying too much weight. In any case, by the last few runs, I realized I was actually doing it - and I still had steam left! I decided to push myself for the remaining time. And by the end, I felt great.

Well, I had a wicked headache, but that was either related to the relative sleeplessness of the previous night, OR I am lacking critical knowledge about pre- and post-workout nutrition issues. (Thoughts?)

Breakfast - Two ggs scrambled with diced pork and grilled peppers and onions. Decaf with coconut milk.

Lunch - Three eggs scrambled with kale.

Supper - Rotisserie chicken diced and stirred into some soup.

Snacks - Two bananas and an apple.

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