Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 25 - Shopping Therapy

Not that I really needed any particular therapy, but it's always fun to go shopping, am I right?! The five of us made a trip to Old Navy because I'd mentioned that I wanted to look at some of their new dresses, and my fabulous husband said, "Well let's go then!"

I bought these, and this, and another dress which isn't on their website. And the funny thing about that particular dress, is that it has horizontal stripes! I was feeling bold! Let's hope I can recreate that feeling when it comes time to wear that bad boy out of the house!

Breakfast - Three eggs and kale scrambled, a bit of crispy prosciutto and a two cups of decaf with coconut milk.

Lunch - A big @ss salad with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and diced rotisserie chicken breast. Oh, and a healthy dose of (approved) Italian dressing. By the way, this all natural Italian dressing is hands-down the best Italian dressing I've ever had. One of the best dressings, period.

Supper - The most intensely flavourful, perfectly medium-rare sirloin steak, smothered with a mountain of onions (sauteed in ghee), and a side of grilled bell peppers.

Snacks - Most of a really big apple (all three kids helped me eat it!) and half a banana with six or seven almonds.

Result: My protein was pretty much right on target again, and my carb levels were much better than yesterday, but still a tiny bit higher than what I'm aiming for. I wish I knew what my recommended fat intake should be - I'm off to do some reading on that right now!


  1. I was just wondering how you could possibly be high on carbs? What are you aiming for and where did you get that from? Oh and what is this Itailian dressing you speak of...? So many questions... :)

  2. Alexis, I have a certain carb range that I'm aiming for to optimize *fat* loss. (I'm not really hung up on a scale number anymore - but I'd like to see some inches change, especially now that I'm working out pretty intensely again.) I've been eating in the maintenance range of carbs (without realizing it). I've been reading a website called Mark's Daily Apple (he's the author of The Primal Blueprint). And you'd be surprised how many carb grams are in various vegetables and especially in fruit! I'm not aiming for ketosis, but a little higher than that level. (Which means I'm NOT giving up most of my veggies like some Atkins enthusiasts tend to do!) As for the dressing, it's the Farm Boy brand. We've also tried their lemon and Greek dressings, and they were so-so. But we're thoroughly hooked on the Italian!

  3. Ok that makes sense... but still know you are eating very low carb according to the rest of us (but never take money advice from poor people or fitness advice from chubby people ;)!!) I am so happy for you and all your new clothes... I totally get your joy of fitting into things that you never would have worn before. I can't wait for this to happen for me. I am dreaming of a size 8 (I wanted to write 6 but think that is impossible?!) I have a couple more babies to pop out so if attainable, it will be a short lived dream! Congrats on everything Jaclyn!


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