Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 16 - The Missing Component

How important is sleep? Very. And how important is it in the midst of a Whole30? Extra.

That's the one thing I feel like I'm missing out on during this experience. They encourage you to get lots of rest, even nap when you're feeling run-down, particularly in the first couple of weeks. Problem is, the quantity and quality of my sleep is generally dictated by my children. And considering the oldest of my three kids is only four, we have a lot of night-time wake-ups.


One day this will be a distant memory. One that I won't spend too much time reflecting on as I sip my second cup of hot coffee, in bed, at 9am on a Saturday.

Breakfast - Two fried eggs and three thin slices of sweet potato fried in coconut oil.

Lunch - Guacamole and grape tomatoes in a lettuce wrap with a side of baby bok choy.

Supper - More bok choy and fried sweet potato, this time with pan-fried haddock in an almond flour crust.

Snacks - One banana muffin and a couple of date/raisin/coconut/almond snack balls.


  1. SO proud of you Jaclyn! I forgot to mention WAY TO GO on the pant size!!! You inspire me.... first I am baking with coconut flour, then I am eating roasted cauliflower... what's next!? Mmmmm maybe that sweet potato in coconut oil?!?! I still need to go pick some of that up.... not very WW friendly though....

  2. The sleep thing is tough. I feel like I have hit the jackpot with nighttime sleeping. This is why I cannot tempt fate with one more baby! (Naps are another annoying story, but still not awful.) Although, Jasper was pretty bad for a long time. I hope things resolve for you soon. I also hope that you can indulge in some yummy St Paddy's day goodness, and even maybe an illegal Guinness. (What good's an eating plan if you don't cheat once or twice, right? I think I have officially made myself into an enabler. Uh oh.)

  3. I never judge enablers who encourage me to drink beer. :)


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