Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 29 - The Home Stretch

Hard to believe this all comes to an end tomorrow evening. As of Saturday, I'm "allowed" to eat whatever I want. I will be able to say that I made it through 30 days without touching a single off-limits ingredient. I ate no grains, no legumes, no sugar, no dairy, and no soy. (Unless, of course, I dive into a chocolate cake in the next 24 hours...) I didn't even lick my fingers when handling something for the kids that had a forbidden ingredient in it!

But here's the thing. Even though I'll have the figurative green light on Saturday, going totally off the rails would defeat the whole purpose of doing this in the first place. If I eat a big bowl of ice cream and feel terrible afterwards, I won't be sure exactly what about the ice cream didn't agree with me. The dairy? The sugar? The fact that it's a processed, chemically-laden food product? The whole idea is to reintroduce things one at a time and figure out your body's reaction to each thing. I know I won't bother reintroducing wheat, because I already know what that does to me! Pain in the butt hip. Everything else, though, I'll have to figure out. I'm going out for dinner on Saturday, and my plan is to eat a meal that is as close to Whole30 as I can get - but I won't bother asking about what kind of oil they use. Aaaaand I may just consider ordering a glass of wine...

Breakfast - The last sausage pattie with guacamole on top, and a side of sauteed kale and cherry tomatoes. Decaf with coconut milk.

Lunch - Leftover roast chicken and gravy. And an apple. Yes, that's it. My kids were NUTS and my kitchen was a DISASTER. The plan was to clean up then make some veggies - but then nap time was over. (How 90 minutes flew by so fast, I don't understand!)

Supper - Roasted pork tenderloin (rubbed with olive oil, garlic, basil, salt and pepper) with curried twice-baked sweet potatoes (minus the sausage) and roasted cauliflower.

And now, there is beef stock finishing up in the crock pot. Mmmm! Over 2L of stock for about $3, no additives, preservatives, sugar, soy or other questionable stuff!


  1. You need to get yourself an ice cream maker! Then you can do like we do and make your own low-sugar, coconut milk ice cream. (My husband is seriously hypoglycemic, but loves ice cream, hence the low sugar.) You can add fruit nectar for flavour and sweetness, or just make vanilla. I think there are good recipes in Joy of Cooking.

    p.s. I seriously, seriously doubt that eggs have anything to do with your hair loss. Please make sure you don't eliminate too many foods, just for the sake of your health.

  2. I have an ice cream maker, and I can't WAIT to try some with coconut milk! And I also happen to have Joy of Cooking - must go on a hunt. :)

    I have read in a few places that eggs can be inflammatory for people with AI disorders, and as AIs are by nature inflammatory conditions, I figure it's worth a shot. Plus I don't think there's anything in an egg that I can't get from other food sources, so I'm hopeful that a 3 week trial won't hurt too much. But don't worry - I don't intend to stay off them forever! Once I can sufficiently reduce my physical stress and get the hair-loss under control, I intend to go back to eating much of what I've eliminated, at least once in a while. Maybe tomorrow I'll post a picture of my head - you'll see why I'm willing to try this!


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