Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 6 - Tired, and Time to Work on Snacking

Breakfast - Two fried eggs with two slices of prosciutto, a banana (didn't feel like cooking veggies this morning), two cups of coffee with coconut milk, and two raisin/almond/cinnamon smushed-up energy-ball-thingies. That was probably an error in judgment - I think it was just feeding a desire for sweetness. Oops. Live and learn

Lunch - Leftover shredded beef from the other night, over mixed greens topped with guacamole and cherry tomatoes. Now THAT is a way to use leftovers.

Supper - Brazilian Curry Chicken, baby bok choy. Then I had a banana because I'd baked chocolate chip cookies for the girls in my faith study group, and I wanted to head off any sweet cravings before they might hit. They never did. Score!

Snacks - Half a banana, half a strawberry (yes, half - I finished what Baby Belle didn't eat), two "energy bites" and about four cashews.

I have a really hard time snacking on vegetables. I think I need to get in the habit of making guacamole and other Whole30-approved dips to keep in the fridge, so I'll be more tempted to grab the bag of baby carrots from time to time. But I'm so. damned. tired. Baby Belle not sleeping all night and still getting up between 4:45-5:15am, awful meetings with confrontations, still worrying over this random balding I'm dealing with - I just want to curl up in my bed and nap for days. I cannot wait until my husband is home for a week for March Break - perks of being married to a teacher.

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