Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 2 - Get Ready for Some SWYPO

Snacks - Some cashews, several scoops of homemade cinnamon coconut butter, one hard-boiled egg.

Breakfast - In honour of Dr. Seuss, I wanted to go with green eggs and ham, but couldn't find any compliant ham. So I just went with green eggs - two fried eggs over sauteed (in clarified butter) green pepper and rapini. Also two cups of coffee with coconut milk. I think I could get used to drinking my coffee this way!

Lunch - Two sweet potato latkes, homemade guacamole on Roma tomato slices.

Dinner - Paleo pizza. Ah, yes. Sex with your pants on.

They tell you that for your Whole30 that you shouldn't try to "paleo-ify" any standard foods. No Paleo pancakes, no Paleo muffins, and no Paleo pizza - but that's just what I had for supper. Actually, I'd planned for this SWYPO before beginning my Whole30. Here's why:

I feel like I was really dragging my feet, and avoiding actually starting with my 30 days. I knew I needed to jump in, but I also knew we'd agreed to have dinner with another family tonight. These friends happen to follow a strict Paleo diet and eat around intolerances to dairy, soy and sugar - so I knew whatever they served would be at least 99% compliant. I checked to see what recipe they planned to use for their "pizza", and all the ingredients were safe. Of course it still breaks the "no Paleo pizza" rule, but I decided I was okay with it. For one thing, pizza isn't a big deal for me. It's not something I crave - I think I broke that addiction when I went gluten-free in November. And I realize that if it turns out I can handle cheese okay, there will still be room for the occasional grain-free pizza in my future. It's not a pressing desire, so I didn't expect eating it tonight would set me off. Also, looking at something made of almond flour, smothered in sugar-free tomato sauce and a big heap of veggies (it's Friday in Lent - no meat!) and no cheese doesn't in any way resemble what "pizza" is in my head, so I just thought of it as a brand-new Paleo delight. And it was yummy indeed!

Okay, fine. I SWYPO-ed. Sorry. But this is my Whole30, after all. I don't think Melissa and Dallas (or any other Whole30 police) are going to come knocking on my door. I know that I'm still getting the benefits that I need from this experience, and that's enough for me.

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  1. SWYPO ...HAHAHAHA! You've got my attention. Also, the coconut butter sounds amazing.


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