Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 19 - In Defense of SWYPO

I know it's against the rules - paleo-fying foods like pancakes, pizzas, etc. And I totally get why it's against the rules. I know those foods are a huge trigger for some people. Paleo pizza is good... but it's not ooey-gooey, cheesey-pizza good.

But, here's my rationalizing....

I don't see myself living a life without pancakes, cupcakes, pizza, bread of some kind, ice cream, etc. So for me, using this Whole30 to learn to love better-for-me versions of those things is important. I still try to keep those things reserved for treats, not an every-meal/every day deal, but when I eat them I enjoy them. Yeah, maybe it would be a good idea for me to totally get over the idea of dessert, but that's not too likely. Isn't it enough that I've learned to crave a bowl of fresh strawberries and kiwi after supper instead? For me, this is a huge victory. I'm eating really good food. I'm eating until I'm satisfied, and learning to be mindful of not over-eating just because something tastes good. And I'm not worrying about the scale, or points, or calories and fat grams or ANYTHING. This (with a few tweaks) is a way I can see myself eating long-term, not just for 30 days.

One could argue that life after the Whole30 is when I should be learning to enjoy paleo-fied versions of things, but I know myself. As soon as I'm "allowed" to have honey, you can bet I'll have a hard time not adding honey to a muffin recipe. This is the perfect time for me to learn how to enjoy foods in this state. I'm good with rules. And these rules (the what-to-eat/what-not-to-eat rules) are easy for me to follow. I really am learning a lot - about myself and about food - by doing this.

Breakfast - Scrambled eggs and sauteed kale (in ghee). One cup of decaf with coconut milk. I think it's safe to say that I'm over my caffeine addiction - no more Diet Coke and no more regular coffee! However I am most definitely not over my coffee addiction. Even when it's just decaf, that hot steamy cup helps me relax and ease into my mornings. I'm trying to decide if that's something I need/want to break. Right now, I'm happy just not being a slave to the caffeine.

Lunch - Another "bun" with leftover pork roast, guacamole and sliced tomato. Then a little more pork topped with guac and tomato. As much as I like those buns, I know it's not a good idea to abuse them.

Supper - Pan fried haddock (when it goes on sale, we've gotta enjoy it!) with an almond flour crust, seasoned with Creole seasoning, with a heaping serving of roasted cauliflower and asparagus.

Snacks - Since it's the feast of Saint Joseph (a particularly big deal for us in Canada), I made some chocolate cupcakes to celebrate. I halved the recipe and made 18 mini cupcakes. Now. A word about these cupcakes. They're not great. (I followed the recipe, and I happen to be a fairly proficient baker. Not my fault.) I didn't have the right kind of jam, so I reduced some frozen raspberries and thickened the sauce with a little tapioca starch. That part was delish. The cupcakes themselves were salty (even though I reduced the amount of salt), and I could really taste the olive oil. Maybe they'd be better with melted coconut oil instead? In any case, they were NOT a hit. I kinda like them when they're well-chilled, but the kids did NOT give them a thumbs-up. Also, a snack ball (now that I roll them in shredded coconut, my kids think they're getting Timbits when they eat them!) and half a banana.

P.S. When I say I had things like half a banana, or a couple slices of sweet potato, it's not because I only "allow" myself half a banana - it's just because I sometimes finish off things my kids don't eat.


  1. Hey Jac, I think you are doing fantastically. It's funny, I think the Whole30, while the same regimen for all who undertake it, teaches each participant what they need to know, and it's not the same for everybody. I have learned the importance of a filling, protein and fat based breakfast. It sets me up for success the rest of the day. I always loved veggie frittata in the morning, but now I nestle a scoop of Mexican seasoned ground pork next to it and it's nirvana. Really, it thrills me to chow down on that in the morning. And although there will be a special place reserved for the soft, yielding, warm, fresh from the oven cinnamon bun (twice a year maybe? Easter and Christmas?) in the morning, that protein based breakfast is just as satisfying in its own way. It's shifting what my concept is of what I think should be satisfying.

    I am not a person of extremes and I adore food too much to put things on the "never" list (nor have I experienced bad reactions from controlled exposure to wheat in these last six months), but the Whole30 has made me an even more conscious eater. I also feel strong in a way that I can't quite describe.

    I am enjoying this journey and so glad to be reading your experiences as we go along. Thanks!

  2. Just be careful about the caffeine. I tried to quit once and it was a week or two after when the headaches started. So press on, but I just wanted to share in case this happens to you!

  3. Thanks for the thumbs-up, Nicole. :) I agree that while everyone follows the same Whole30 structure, each person's lessons gained are totally different. It makes sense, even in comparing Francis and me - he has a serious carb/starch addiction (emotional/mental more than physical) and my addiction is 100% sugar (emotional AND physical). Obviously we're going to go through this very differently!

    Alexis, I reeeeally hope it doesn't show up later! Maybe there's still just enough caffeine left in my decaf to stave off the withdrawal...


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