Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 30!! The End!!

Today is the official end to my Whole30! I don't remember the last time a month flew by so quickly! I've really enjoyed everything I ate over the past month (honestly - everything), and I haven't missed much. Today was a tricky day, food-wise, because of all the added restrictions. First the Whole30 rules, second no nuts or eggs (because of my autoimmune issue), third I don't really like fish much, certainly not enough to eat it for three meals in a day! Apparently a one-day protein fast is no big deal, as long as I'm eating lots of veggies and healthy fats, so that is what I did. Need to make up all those protein-based calories somewhere!

Breakfast - A smoothie with frozen raspberries, 2/3 of a banana and a heap of full-fat coconut milk. Of course when I say "smoothie", I really mean "ice cream"! It was so thick and creamy that I ate it out of a bowl with a spoon.

Lunch - Guacamole over sauteed kale and sliced tomato. Then I decided I hadn't had enough guacamole, so I grabbed some baby carrots and started dipping. (I ate almost a full avocado - Baby Belle ate the rest. She loves to eat guacamole out of a bowl with a spoon!)

Supper - Pan-fried "breaded" (almond flour) haddock with coconut curry cabbage and sweet potatoes (roasted then mashed with fried onions & coconut oil).

Snacks - Coconut butter!! A handful of shredded coconut and an apple.

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