Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 5 - Energy, Other Stuff and a Confession

I am already feeling more energetic, even though I'm only five days in and I'm still not getting any more/better sleep. On the down side of things, it seems my digestive system is... rebelling. I won't say more, but I'm hoping this is just a passing phase.

Breakfast - Raw veggies, two fried eggs and a slice of fried prosciutto. Oh man, I just found a new favourite food! My husband even said he likes it better than regular bacon, so he's thrilled to know he'll have something delicious for special occasion breakfasts while he does his Whole30.

Lunch - Chicken salad (with guacamole in place of mayo) with sliced Roma tomatoes on lettuce wraps. Then a bowl of Sweet Curried Cauliflower Soup. Obviously, I made the soup without the honey. Honestly - I can't imagine that it needs it. The soup was delicious as it was. I think the apple and coconut milk are plenty sweet. Sure, honey-enthusiasts might enjoy the extra flavour, but I would never classify myself as one.

Supper - Garlic Pork & Rice (can you tell I'm enjoying the recipes on this site?), oven-roasted broccoli. And for "dessert", I dumped some raisins, blanched almonds and cinnamon in the Magic Bullet and gave 'em a whir. YUM.

Okay, confession time. I know the rules - weigh yourself on Day 1, and not again until Day 31. I know it's for good reason - we're not supposed to get hung up on weight-loss, because really that's a bi-product of all the good stuff we're meant to experience during these 30 days, not a goal.


I've been feeling sooo big the last few days. I know that I got hung up on the Weight Watcher's approach (and in my defense, it really did work for me - losing AND maintaining), but now that I'm eating significantly more protein and more fat, I was starting to suffer psychologically. My head plays games on me, weight-wise. It always has. For instance, even though I'm a full 25lbs lighter than when I got married, I don't see or feel the difference. Instead of focusing on what I've accomplished, I get caught up in what I still want to see happen.

Anyway. I decided at 10:30 this morning that I just had to check the scale. Just once. Just to know if my weight actually was going up, or if it was all in my imagination. Once I could be convinced that this way of eating wasn't actually setting me back in my weight-loss goals, I knew I could finish out the month without cheating on my scale fast.

Scale says: down 4lbs. New all-time low weight as an adult. Thanks, Whole30. I'm a believer now. And I promise to stay the heck off that little glass plate until this is over!

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