Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 28 - A New Shape

I haven't done any body measurements since beginning my Whole30 (as per the rules - oh, other than that one misguided weigh-in on day 5), but I can tell by the way things fit that my body composition is changing. Things that were snug a month ago fit beautifully now. Things that fit perfectly a month ago need to be tailored. And for the first time in a long time - maybe ever? - I can feel my spine. Is it totally vain to say that I'm finding a great deal of confidence in all the positive changes in my body? Bah, even if it is vain, I'm enjoying it. :)

Breakfast - Homemade sausage pattie with guacamole and sauteed kale.

Lunch - Leftover roast chicken and gravy with a heaping side of roasted broccoli. (I could eat a bowl of that while watching a movie in lieu of popcorn. Seriously. That and roasted cauliflower. I'm hooked.)

Supper - Pulled pork sandwiches. I know, big Whole30 no-no. Oops. Guess Melissa and Dallas won't be referring anyone to my blog for meal ideas. :) I made a simple pulled pork in the crock pot (with thinly sliced onions, garlic and chicken stock) and then mixed it with the barbeque sauce from Paleo Comfort Foods. I toned down the heat (for the kids) and added a teeny bit of sweetness by chopping up four or five dates and simmering them in the sauce then blending it at the end. Tossed the sauce with the pork and piled it (with some raw red onion) on a grain-free bun. All served with a mound of beautifully sauteed baby bok choy.

(Yes, it seems I break the rules about not paleo-fying things all the time. But here's where I draw the line: I've never tried to create a version of a food that's a known trigger for me. Eating a muffin sweetened only with bananas doesn't make me want to hit up a bakery for a wheat- and sugar-laden version. Eating a cheese-free, almond crust "pizza" doesn't make me want to call the delivery guy and get a Meat Lovers Special. I know my limit, so I've never pureed dates with cocoa powder in hopes of creating an approved-ingredient chocolate substitute! I break the rules [always have - it's in my nature] but I know when to stop.)

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  1. Sounds like this is really working for you. :-) I myself have never felt my spine (even in my little days lol)..if I felt it suddenly now..I'd think I had an alien in there :D I love reading the meals you have each so yummy sounding!


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