Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 20 - 2/3 Done, and Adding Some Exercise

I've been a *total* slacker about exercising since kicking this thing off 20 days ago. They suggest taking it kind of easy for the first couple of weeks as your body tries to heal from all the inflammation, leaky gut, etc. So I took the first two weeks off, with every intention of kicking some serious ass over March Break. Ha! Wanna know what I did over March Break when I got some free time? Napped! And it was delightful. :) But here I am, two-thirds of the way through this Whole30* and it's time to get my (hopefully shrinking) booty moving.

I signed up for Whole Family's 30 day burpee challenge. Every day for a month, I need to do 50 burpees, 50 hip-lifts, 1 minute plank, 1 minute left side plank and 1 minute right side plank. Ummm.... OUCH.

I recently found out that my abs have not healed from my latest pregnancy (or, chances are, the two before that). There is a gap between my abs that I can fit my fingers in! Planks are one of the ideal core exercises for repairing this damage, so this is a good fitness challenge to not only get me moving and sweating again, but also to be consistent in working to fix that so I can be rocking a six-pack by July back to normal soon.

Also, I've always wanted to be a runner. Certain physical limitations (malformations in my feet) have held me back, but so has the combination of my weight and my joint pain. With no more joint pain and far less excess weight, I'm ready to try again! I'm hoping to hit the trail tomorrow morning if I can get my tired behind up early enough. (Did I mention Music Man got me up this morning at 4:30am? I may sleep in tomorrow if given the chance...) I'll keep you posted on my progress as I work through my learn-to-run program. (Unless, Rebecca, you have a better one to suggest?)

Breakfast - A fried egg and prosciutto sandwich on a bun.

Lunch - Leftover pork roast, guacamole and sliced tomato on another bun.

Supper - Italian sausages, grilled peppers and red onion, and a bowl of sweet curried cauliflower soup.

Snacks - A banana muffin, a snack ball, and a wedge of cantaloupe.

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