Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 15 of 40 - Farewell Old Friend

Oh, Starbucks. It was weird to walk right past you in Chapters today. It's pretty rare for me to go in there and not come visit you. I wanted to - but only out of habit. When I actually started running through your menu in my head, I wasn't really tempted. And that felt weird.

I used to love your lemon poppyseed loaf, but I know that once my Whole40 is over I can make a more tummy-friendly version to savour. And I have fond memories of sharing a grande mocha frappuccino with Francis while we went for our weekly grocery shopping/thrift shopping date. But now, I think I'd rather just have my unsweetened decaf with coconut milk.

It was fun while it lasted, Starbucks, but I think it's over. Don't take it too hard. It's not you, it's me. Or maybe it is you. Sorry. I'll send you a postcard when I open my own Paleo/Primal snack wagon and I'm making a fortune selling people food that is actually good for them. 

Breakfast: Sweet and salty! Apple breakfast cobbler from the crock pot and three slices of bacon. It was our first time trying this recipe - we enjoyed it, but I think next time we'll serve it on top of these or rolled up inside these. (And only on special occasions, because it was SO sweet!) Two cups of decaf with coconut milk.
Lunch: More soup with shredded chicken.
Supper: Half a steak smothered in a heap of onions sauteed in ghee, with baby bok choy (cooked in olive oil with young garlic and sea salt) and about a quarter of a tomato from our CSA. I cannot believe the difference in colour between these tomatoes and the ones from the grocery store!
Snacks: About a cup and a half of cantaloupe - I picked at it throughout the morning.


  1. Jac, I LOVE your food ideas! I am definitely going to try that apple cobbler! I'm thinking that it would be a good item to bring to a party or something like that where I can still eat it as a party favor and still stay in my Whole30. I could bring ice cream for others! I wish I had known about this last week when I had bookclub, it would have been the perfect solution since we seem to focus more on the food and drink then the book we read. And I had a huge taco salad last night and it was delish! Thanks for all the great food ideas!

    Ps. I agree with you on Starbucks... good by to a fond friend.

  2. I should get you hooked on Equator coffee... It is rich and delish, locally roasted in Almonte by a Christian family... with coconut milk... heavenly.... it makes Starbucks taste like... BLEH!

  3. That apple cobbler looks great!I love your food ideas.


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