Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 28 of 40 - What *Would* Be the Home Stretch

If I were in this for 30 days, I'd be closing in on the finish line right now. And the closer I get to the 30 day mark, the more I realize that choosing to go for 40 was an awesome idea.

I'd toyed with the idea of having a glass of wine at an upcoming wedding, but I know now that I need to soldier on. Why? In the last few days it seems the temptations are popping up like mad. Things that wouldn't normally be all that appealing to me seem to be calling my name. And I was entertaining the thought of not only having a glass of wine at the wedding, but also going out for beer and nachos with friends.

There's nothing wrong with going out for beer and nachos once in a while, as far as I'm concerned. It's one of those fabulously bonding evenings I enjoy with old friends I don't see often. But the thing is, I should be able to find other ways to see old friends that don't involve drinking (a little too much) and (pigging out on) nachos. Why can't we meet up to go for a walk or a swim? Or just sit around and chat without the alcohol and carb-bomb?

Thinking about having that one glass of wine seemed to open up a huge floodgate for me, and I am certain that I have more work to do in regards to fighting temptation and controlling emotional eating before I'm ready to wrap up this Whole40.

Breakfast: The usual, with half-decaf and coconut milk.
Lunch: A simple salad with a zesty Italian vinaigrette, a BBQ chicken thigh and an Italian sausage.
Supper: A two-egg omelette stuffed with half an avocado and one more sausage, with a big pile of grilled zucchini.
Snacks: Sweet potato chips. (Princess and I had a girls' night tonight, and she really wanted us to have special snacks. She voted for Lay's dill pickle chips, which are a HUGE favourite of mine - I didn't want to feel deprived watching her snack away, so I enjoyed a bowl of sweet potato chips that totally did the trick!)

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