Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 22 of 40 - Landed in a Rut

Oh, I'm just bored. I'm suddenly bored with eating and food preparation. Maybe it's a shift in my appetite now that I'm no longer breastfeeding. Maybe it's the PMS. Who knows? It's certainly not because the food is boring. I have a to-try list of recipes a mile long! All I know is that eating, prepping and cooking have suddenly become a chore, and I'm really wishing somebody else would just put some food down in front of me.

(Maybe it's because our dishwasher has been out of commission for a couple of months, and I'm sick of the mountain of dishes that shows up after every. single. meal!)

Breakfast: Kale, eggs and cherry tomatoes. Licorice tea. (All made and served by my wonderful husband, who then packed up the kids and took them out until supper time!)
Lunch: A chicken thigh and a small bowl of cherries. I wasn't really hungry, but since I wanted to nap, I figured I should eat something so as not to run the risk of having my nap cut short by a growling tummy.
Supper: Spaghetti squash with meat sauce.
Snacks: A couple of snack balls this morning, and some blended coconut milk, bananas and mixed berries after supper.


  1. Oh, that can happen. When I get bored with my food, I ask my friends for their quick recipes. My breakfast today was a bowl of blueberries with a dollop of Greek yogurt. Easy. Good luck with the dishwasher. I hate doing dishes!

  2. I can relate on the sudden transition to bored.. Ive had 3 weekends away where I havent done my usual baking and prep for the week and we have just been all over the place. Ive skipped more meals due to refusal to eat mcdonalds or something since it was simply not appealing at ALL, and also just not hungry, inspired to shop/cook/clean or decide anything about food.. Add on factors like PMS and a broken dishwasher.. totally understandable. Im hopeful the slightly cooler weather of september and the 'mood change' of back to school, the hustle and bustle of fall will spice things up for me a bit.. maybe just a NAP or 10? Have a great day.. good luck


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