Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 16 of 40 - Blog Love

(I just realized that if I were just going for the standard 30 days I'd have hit the half-way point already. I feel like I still have so much work left to do that I'm glad I've set my sights on 40 days. Who knows? Maybe I'll go for longer...)

I'm a blog addict (says the blogger). I can't help it. I posted a while back about some of my favourite style/fashion blogs, although I've since discovered my newest favourite, which I highly encourage you to check out. (My favourite feature is Inspiration Monday. I generally play along, but I still don't have the nerve to photograph my outfits or post them!)

More recently, however, I've become engrossed in many Paleo/Primal food blogs. I'm always on the hunt for new meal ideas for Whole30 living, and of course there's some serious food porn when it comes to treats I'm looking forward to trying after this is over. So without further ado, some fun food blogs:

PaleOMG - Juli is just kind of hilarious, if you can handle a little crudeness. I totally can, and I love her recipes.
Nom Nom Paleo - I actually read Michelle's blog every. single. day. Her food is delicious but still practical. You can cook these recipes up in a hurry and still eat yummy grub. She hasn't published a cookbook, but her iPad app makes me wish we owned an iPad. (Sorry, RIM.)
The Clothes Make the Girl - Sometimes I wish I were more like Melissa Joulwan. She's pretty bad-ass. We recently bought her cookbook, Well Fed (the ebook version since the actual book isn't available in Canada yet *pouts*), and we love it. 'Nuff said.
The Foodie and the Family - This one's a new favourite. I came across it by accident in my quest to find a good chocolate zucchini muffin recipe, and now I've got at least 15 of her recipes on my to-try list.

Breakfast: Francis made me bacon (2 slices), 2 fried eggs and two sweet potato latkes. Two cups of half-decaf with coconut milk.
Lunch: Leanne's mention of her taco salad (inspired by mine from the other day) made me really want another one. So that's what I did. :)
Supper: Two hot Italian sausages with sliced tomato and roasted cauliflower and broccoli.
Snacks: A couple of snack balls.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to start experimenting a little more with meal sizes and spacing. For example: I wasn't really hungry when I got up this morning, but since breakfast had been cooked for me, I ate it. And at supper tonight I served myself what I thought was a reasonable portion (the sausage were fairly small) but by the time I'd finished eating it all I realized that I felt somewhat uncomfortably full. I need to try to be more mindful when I eat.


  1. Hey Jaclyn, curious to see how the meal spacing went. Meal portions and spacing are tough ones for sure. So much we read says you have to eat a certain amount, others talk about listening to your body etc. I am struggling with that.

    I really like The Foodie and the Family too. Her breakfast popovers are popular here. And of course the rest of your links are favorites too, particularly The Clothes Make the Girl - I'd love to get some personal traing from her!

  2. Well, my first plan was to not eat breakfast right away, but rather wait until I was good and hungry - turns out I was good and hungry pretty quickly, but that may have had something to do with being up at 5:45am. Tomorrow is my day to "sleep in" until 7, so we'll see if it makes a difference in my appetite.


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