Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 20 of 40 - Half Way, a New Tool, and Temptation

First, the temptation:
I made dinner today for some friends who had their third baby a month ago. Foolishly, I made them pizzas. Now the thing is this: I make a pretty mean pizza crust. You know, the wheat-filled, gluten landmine kind of crust. Crispy on the outside, soft and a little chewy on the inside. The two pepperoni pizzas didn't really interest me too much, but I made a smaller one with homemade basil pesto, thinly sliced tomatoes straight from a friend's garden, and mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

I. wanted. that. PIZZA!

Didn't do it, of course. Didn't even lick my fingers after putting the cheese on. But hear this: when this Whole30 is over and it's time to try out a new food, cheese will be the first on the list, and I will make that very pizza but on a cauliflower crust!

Second, the new tool:
We bought a mandoline! All my slicing and dicing just got WAY more fun! You should have seen the perfect slices of tomato on that basil pesto pizza...

Third, the half-way point:
20 days out of 40 done, but here's the issue. When I first decided to go for 40 days, I didn't count particularly well. Turns out a dear friend's wedding is on day 39!! Argh! I'll be travelling by myself (!!) and staying at my parents' house to go to this wedding. So my dilemma is this: Should I just try my best to navigate the meal at the reception and hope for the best? Or do I pat myself on the back for making it that far, pick the grains out of my meal and enjoy a celebratory glass of wine? Decisions, decisions...

Breakfast: Eggs, kale and tomatoes. Licorice tea.
Lunch: Two drumsticks and a thigh with some watermelon. (Must make more time for lunch!)
Supper: Out for the FOURTH night in a row, and this one was spontaneous. When we delivered the pizzas, our friends suggested we stay and eat with them. Since everyone else was eating a gluten/sugar/dairy-loaded pizza, our host quickly grilled up some spice-rubbed chicken thighs and skewers with peppers and onions.
Snacks: One snack ball, and a small handful of Macadamias with my tea before bed.


  1. Drink the wine unless you feel really strong and convicted about making it til day 40. I could see myself going either way.
    The mandoline remark made me laugh because a few years ago my dad went to the ER for something (can't remember) and this woman came in with a horribly cut-up hand. He asked what had happened and she replied that she had cut her hand on a mandoline. Not knowing any mandolin/e other than the musical sort, dad said, Imagine if you had had a double bass.

  2. I will ALWAYS love your father's sense of humour! I can just imagine how bewildered they both must have been...

    (P.S. One of the reasons I may want a glass of wine is because last I heard, I'll be sharing a table with Andrew.)

    1. yikes to the last comment. why in the world would you be placed there??

    2. Apparently all the date-less people will be sitting together.

  3. Congratulations Jac! Not only on making it to the halfway point but also on managing to not eat the pizza! Now that's willpower. I know what you mean about the wedding. I realized that I have a wedding on the 25th and decided to continue eating Whole30 compliant. But I would still have 5 days left at that point. So I didn't see it as being a choice. I wonder if it might be an option for you to play it by ear? Maybe you'll find that you need the 40 days to feel the magic (that being the reason that you chose 40 instead of 30 right?). Or maybe you'll get there and find out that the wine/food wasn't really worth blowing the last day. You could make the decision at the time and only break your Whole40 if it is worth it to you. Maybe prepare some strategies that would help you out in determining if it is worth it. And some things that you can keep in mind to avoid getting "What the Hell" syndrome and going too wild! Let us know what you decide. I'm interested to see how you handle this. Cheers!


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