Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 19 of 40 - How I "Do It All"

Ever wondering how I manage to prepare three meals from scratch every day, and look after three young kids, and keep a home and still find time for hobbies and blogging? I'll let you in on a couple of secrets:

1. My husband is a teacher. That means that when he's working, he's only out of the house from about 8:20am until about 4:20pm. That's it. I have a good two hours before he leaves for work in the mornings, and I have an hour between his arrival home and when supper needs to be served. That's a lot of extra help.
2. Him being a teacher also means that right now, he's home full time. We're two stay-at-home parents for two months.
3. Princess and Music Man (four-and-a-half and three) are now sharing a room, and Music Man thinks it's all fun and games. That means I have to sit at their door from when I tuck them in at 7pm until whenever he finally falls asleep - usually around 8pm. I bring the laptop with me, so this is my blogging time. Glamourous, eh?
4. I don't actually "do it all". My husband makes most of the breakfasts, and if you ever saw my house you'd realize that housework is waaay down on my list of priorities. I'd much rather spend my days having fun with the kids, running around or doing crafts. I'd rather spend my evenings curled up on the couch chatting with Francis. I spend so much time in the kitchen that when I finally get a break from meal times, I actually just want a break. (Yeah, I know I need to work on that. I'm hoping the change of having Princess in school full-time in September will help get my butt in gear.)

So, from the not-so-comfy floor of the "big kids' room", I bid you all good night.

Breakfast: I wasn't hungry this morning so initially I'd decided not to eat any breakfast right away. But as we were getting ready for church I started to worry that if I got too hungry during Mass, my stomach would growl at just the wrong moment. So I grabbed a little piece of the breakfast cake.
Lunch: Kale and eggs with cherry tomatoes and three slices of bacon. Also a cup of licorice root tea.
Supper: For the third night in a row we ate at somebody else's house. (We're getting spoiled!) Steaks cooked on a charcoal grill, smothered in roasted garlic and olive oil, yellow beans straight from the garden, and we brought a simple salad with red leaf lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and grated carrot - all from yesterday's veggie box. (The kids ate spaghetti squash with pasta sauce that had been going in the crock pot all day.)
Snacks: Extra tea and two small snack balls.

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  1. Thanks for writing about this! I was thinking of writing a post on something along those lines (now I definitely DO NOT have time to blog right now!) But how we are all gifted with different things and we need to look to God and not each other comparing (either for pride or envy).... Thank you for being honest! I have often wondered how you do it all.... then go running to the kitchen to bake something up while my two kids are getting into trouble or beging 'neglected' while my husband is out of the house for about 12hrs... different situations! We all need to give ourselves more grace!! However keep posting what you ARE baking because these awesome treasures NEED to be shared!!


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