Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 17 of 40 - Dinner With Friends

You know what's nice? To be able to eat at a friend's house during a Whole30 and not have it be a big deal! It's nice to have friends who "get it". We enjoyed a great time with Alexis and her family this evening. The kids went wild, and the grown-ups managed to sneak in a few conversations in the midst of the chaos. Though next time we'll plan our dinner when I'm not doing a Whole30 so we can share some wine, too!

Just keeping this short tonight as I need to get to bed early. We have a busy day tomorrow which will include lots of food preparation on my part, so I need some rest.

Breakfast: Two fried eggs, three slices of bacon, two cups of decaf with coconut milk.
Lunch: More soup with chicken, this time with some sliced cherry tomatoes stirred in.
Supper: YUM! Chicken legs marinated in Italian vinaigrette then smothered in Paleo BBQ sauce, with tossed salad and grilled zucchini and cauliflower on the side. A shared bowl of cherries and some licorice root tea rounded out the evening. Who says eating this way isn't delicious?

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