Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 30 of 40 - The TMI Post

Brace yourselves, people, or click away. It's about to get seven kinds of real up in here...

(Did I actually just say "up in here"? Am I for real?)

So here's the TMI part: Today, while working out, it was super hot in my living room, so I ended up doing both my workouts in just a sports bra and underwear. In front of a mirror. It wasn't pretty, folks. But it was beautiful.

My body will never look like a model's. (No matter how much weight I lose or how fit I get, I'm still only 5' 2" with a broad frame.) My tummy jiggles. That's because I've grown three babies in there in the last several years, each time gaining 30-35lbs. My thighs and hips and bum are big. But that's a good indicator of fertility, which is a good indicator of health. (Refer back to the aforementioned three children in three years - obviously fertile!) It mightn't look good to anyone other than my husband, but there is great beauty in the strength and accomplishments of my body.

My body has taken a fair bit of abuse from me over the years. Over-eating, drinking to excess, not exercising, not sleeping (when I had the chance!). And yet it has never ceased to amaze me in the things it is capable of. I'm learning, now, to think of eating well and exercise as rewards for my body - giving it what it deserves, because it is strong and capable and worthy of care. I'm doing my best to rid myself of the mindset that food is about deprivation and exercise is about punishment.

I know that learning to love and accept my body, just as it is, is crucial for my mental and emotional well-being, and also for its continued health and improvement.  (Excerpt: " This may in fact be the easiest way to lose weight in the world,* but only if it is done with love, and with forgiveness, and with a refusal to adhere to body image norms.   Three things with which women struggle fiercely.")

So, yes, I jiggle. That's okay. It is. It's not something I would choose, given the vain opportunity, but it really is okay. The size of my thighs doesn't say anything about my character. Whether or not I ever lose this post-c-section pooch on my tummy doesn't erase the good that I have done in my life. A big booty doesn't indicate an angry heart or a dull mind. I love my body - I am  my body - but I am also more than the way I look.

I'm still learning and growing, and this is one of the reasons why I will continue this Whole30 for (at least) another 10 days. 30 days in, and I'm just getting warmed up. Bring it.

Breakfast: Kale, eggs, tomatoes and bacon. Half-decaf with coconut milk.
Lunch: Two chicken thighs with BBQ sauce, and some leftover spicy cauliflower "rice".
Supper: Two taco-spiced drumsticks, roasted cauliflower, and steamed green and yellow beans tossed with melted ghee.
Snacks: A small handful of macadamias before bed, and a cup of licorice tea.


  1. Think of your rear end as convex while mine is concave... I would opt fr the former if given a chance.

  2. love this post!!! i jiggle too. in fact one of my kids "ewwwed" me the other day when she playfully slapped my butt! but i have a good life, even with the jiggle! i commend you for working out in a bra and underwear in front of a mirror...i don't know if i'm that strong! =) have a great weekend!

  3. You should listen to "Bootylicious" next time you work out! You are gorgeous no matter what you weigh..seriously. Also I wanted to tell you about my lunch because it was leftover cooked green beans and potatoes from last night cooked in bacon fat with fresh cooked bacon up on top. Have mercy! Best lunch I've had in forever.

    1. Oh, yes, Bootylicious - that used to be my personal anthem back in the day. ;)



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